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About Jiyu

Jiyu Thai Hot Pot started in Phuket, Thailand in 1998. It landed the Chinese market in 2015 started out in Chengdu. Jiyu has successfully stood out in the extremely competitive Sichuan-style hot pot market. Our premium-level ingredients and experiences have reached tens of billions customers. Jiyu has the highest queuing record in the history of the Chengdu restaurant industry which still remains unbroken nowadays. Jiyu is famous for its secret distinctive soup, fresh seafood and devine dessert.

And was selected as "China's most innovative brand in food and beverage industry" and "China's new commercial value restaurant brand".

关 于 集 渔


更以其高颜值、高人气、回本快全流程扶持、零基础加盟等特点被评选为“中国餐饮最具创新力品牌“、 ”中国新商业价值餐饮品牌”。

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